Growth Driven
Information Technology
Solutions for a rapidly changing world

Growth Driven
Information Technology
Solutions for a rapidly changing world

Using the power of intuitive design & and high-performance code, we bring complex business ideas to life in record time but with a core focus on audience growth as the final mission for brands and businesses alike.

We provide fully managed solutions that take care of every aspect of the development process, from design to launch, maintenance, & updates so that you can focus on your business while we take care of the technical details.

We offer cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. We always work with our clients to find the most efficient & cost-effective solutions that meet their needs & budget.

Because we are continuously responsive to the latest changes happening in the market, we are completely AI-ready across all aspects of our work, from design, & development to marketing.

We work with you to understand your business goals & develop solutions that support your growth strategy, delivering measurable results & favourably positioning your business to your target clients.

Why the Word VISIBILITY?

We use the word Visibility because we understand that irrespective of what we develop — whether it is mobile apps, web apps, or websites — the core mission is for them to gain visibility in front of the right audience for our clients. Therefore, how this visibility is achieved for our clients forms what we ultimately drive towards in any of our clients’ projects.

Responsive Innovations

We understand the importance of being responsive & adaptive to the ever-evolving market & business conditions. That is why we pride ourselves on our ability to innovate & incorporate new technologies & trends into our digital solutions to ensure that our clients stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Primary Phases of Our Development Process


Define project requirements, goals, & objectives.


Create & code customised design concepts.


Launch final product on operational servers.


Provide ongoing maintenance & troubleshooting.


Drive traffic to the product with targeted marketing strategies.

Our Core Technologies

It’s All About Partnership,
And Our Clients Love Us for That.

Based on 124 reviews

Holger Sturm, Programme Manager.

Their enthusiasm for carrying out my assignment is unrivalled. Dev Surd is more than just a dependable development partner; they have your project’s best interests in mind. The team went above and beyond for my project.

Stefan Bulling, CEO.

Dev Surd is more than a vendor to us; they are a partner. To design & develop our iOS & Android apps, we turned to them. Their deliveries always meet our expectations, which is rare. They’re our go-to for our app upgrades.

Molly Bletchley, Founder, CEO

The Dev Surd team used its problem-solving abilities to produce a high-quality app for my brand in the shortest time. In addition to obtaining extremely favourable client feedback, the app’s downloads in the App Store quadrupled. Such an efficient team!

Suneel Javid, Head, Product Development.

I’ll say it in simple, clear terms. Dev Surd is in the top 3% of digital solutions companies for effective communication and a metrics-driven, results-driven strategy.

Rob French, CBDO.

I’m hard on outcomes and very hesitant about consultants. However, I was stunned by Dev Surd’s quick comprehension of our objectives, its team’s command of digital solutions and the marketplace, plus its best-in-class communication and openness.

Brenda Sook-min, Chief Innovation Officer.

Dev Surd’s solution, a web app they developed for us, received extremely satisfactory comments from all test users. This instilled confidence in the project’s success within my company’s team.

Jake Collins, Business owner

Great customer service. Even when their products are a ‘plug-and-play type, they’re still there to offer clarity when I need it. You’ll hardly get such with most companies. Dev Surd is reliable.

Lauren Watson, Production Manager

I’m a non-technical person with zero coding skills, but I had no issues installing the software. That’s because the document they provided was simple and easy to understand.

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